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My Birthday Boy

Hanging out over at Hallie’s today for a bit of a marital tune-up, which you’d best believe I’ve only got worked out on paper so far. Work in progress, this little wifey here.

Also, we are celebrating with Italian exuberance the first birthday of our sweet little man John Paul Francis, little-brother-turned-Pope-bait-extraordinaire.

For anyone who does birth chapter books in lieu of simple birth stories, please feel free to click here, here, here, and here…punch me now or punch me later. What can I say? Postpartum makes me obnoxious.

John Paul, you little sweetheart, you bring us so much joy. Even though this was your birth song. And even though you’ve only been sleeping through the night for 2 weeks. I know you just wanted to give us the benefit of spending as many hours as humanly possible per day with you. And this is the song that we’ve always sung during our midnight meetups.

Keep getting cuter, you little chunk of baby love.




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