Life in Italy

For Jack

My little guy has been missing his buddies in Denver a lot, lately. I don’t know if the longing for the comforts of home was brought on by the awesome dinner with had with this fun family and their six-pack of kiddos last weekend, or by Tia’s departure for sweet home Colorado last Sunday, but Joey has been asking me ‘where’d so-and-so go?’ all week long. Poor guy.

The most frequently requested players in the on-going drama of losing playmates and family members to the world of Skype (he was terrified when Tia suddenly popped up on the laptop next to Grandma on Monday morning. Literally buried his head in my shoulder and started sobbing, poor guy. Technology makes me feel that way too, sometimes.) are Jack, his bff+e and the son of my sweet friend Sarah, (who doesn’t blog but should because she is beautiful and brilliant and stylish – here are  some articles she’s written for CNA) Abigail, daughter to the lovely Holly, and Gigi, the sweetheart oldest daughter of Margo, who also could save the world through beauty, etc., if she’d only jump on the blog-wagon.

He also occasionally inquires into the whereabouts of our favorite little Mexican, but if mommy can’t have good guacamole in this country, then you better believe I’ve cut the little scream-talker out of our daily rotation. Plus, no Netflixs in Italy. Suck it up, son, we’ve got the Pantheon.

So without further ado, I present to Mr. Jack M. the following collection of meaningful images and captures of daily life in Italy, according to Joey. Who isn’t a terrible photographer for being a 2 year old, I have to admit.

Mommy’s bare legs + filthy Sperry’s. Nice outfit shot, son.

Bubbles on the balcony + an artsy sky shot.

Beloved shopping cart.

His ‘garden’ – the windowbox planter lining our balcony.

His new ‘run shoes’

Daddy’s discarded tie-turned-dress-up item. Joey can pull off orange like no one else in this fam.
His roommate.

His room. (disclaimer: mommy took this shot)

Love and miss you, friends of ours. See all that space in the boy’s room (hint, hint.)


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