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A Relaxing Evening In

What do you do to ‘unwind,’ mamas?

Me, I like to drink a beer or a glass of vino, kick my feet up on the solid compressed plastic alloy IKEA coffee table in the living room, and watch a couple few episodes of ‘House Hunters’ on Youtube. Sometimes in 9 minute segment chunks at a time, because, you know, Youtube.

I’ve asked these guys to sommelier my personal happy hour like, several times, but nobody every gets back to me.

I also like to bust out the occasional Crossfit home-adapted workout, or go a couple rounds with Jillian Michaels on my 2-year-old’s sweet 7 inch portable DVD player. With cans of cannolini beans in lieu of actual weights. I vastly prefer Crossfit at this point, both because it is so much quicker and because I am so much more sore the next day. Which tells me that it’s either the most effective 9 minute workout in the world, or I am in a lot worse shape than I like to think.

If the night is particularly young and the young are all abed, I might also sneak out on the balcony with a bottle of highly toxic Italian nail polish remover and my bag o’ colors. I would say at this juncture in my very busy and important life, I can still make time for the important things, like changing the color of my nail stubs on a weekly basis.

All glamour up in here.

What does your ‘me time’ look like?


  • Jmaddox

    ahhh, “me time” – these days I like to get the littles to bed, download the latest more2life podcast and hit the pavement running. And what motivates me? well, b/c it’s late and I’m all amped up after a nice run I like to then wind down with a nice glass of 3 buck Chuck (wine). Thanks for sharing!

  • Margo

    Ahh Jenny, missing you by reading this post! Wishing I could share that special time with you over a glass of vino! That’s usually my ideal winding down treat:)

  • Megan

    Much the same as you! House Hunters, Say Yes to the Dress, read my Real Simple magazine, take a bubble bath, paint my nails, wait for Luke to come home, stare at the clock, call one of my sisters, and if I’m a good girl I’ll do some night prayer. I usually work out during the kids 1-3pm naptime. I have no motivation to do any of that in the evening.

    So glad you shared, I love knowing we share such similar lives! Well, sort of. I’m not down the street from the Holy Father, but you know what I mean.

  • Martha

    These days baby girl isn’t very easy to get down, so I mostly try to do things that are at once very quiet and very easy to take a break and settle her down again…sooo mostly read blogs or books and say some prayers and maybe stress-eat some chocolate.

  • Melissa

    Crossfit is the best! Right now that’s what I consider my me time twice a week. With a really energetic almost toddler and another baby cooking, I’m pretty much in bed by 8 reading a book though, and that’s also great.

  • Amelia

    My husband I once turned on House Hunters to find his childhood room being showcased. Him mom had sold it recently and it ended up on that show. It was pretty funny.

  • claudette

    in bed with my kindle after a nice bath ….. knitting while watching re-runs of murder she wrote…..and in summer lots and lots and lots of swimming, the best time is after 6pm during the week when the light hitting the coast is absolutely gorgeous.

  • makingthetrek

    I’m going to say Cross fit is more effective due to the HIIT and all, but shoot…just moving is FABULOUS!!! You change your toes weekly??? Dang, I need to get on that a little more frequently! House hunters is my fave…love daydreaming about all these coolio spots!! Good luck on your sommeliers!!

  • Ashley Crane

    During the daylight hours (so I don’t get eaten by coyotes and stuff) if I can get away for a walk, that’s probably my current favorite. But bubble bath with a book, chocolate, and wine is also always a highlight!

  • Christy from fountains of home

    Yikes! I was worried for a second there that you wouldn’t have home improvement tv in Italy…thank goodness for the interwebs! Haha, yep, I have no problem sitting down with the vino and watching reno shows all night long. Or I read blogs on the ipad, on the couch, with the vino. Sometimes I converse with the husband. The thing is I’m so tired by the end of the day (otherwise known as 7 pm) that I don’t have the energy to think of or do something more exciting!

  • Lisa

    I am a big House Hunters fan (possibly addict?) so it’s a good thing we don’t have cable. I’ve exhausted all the HH shows on the site, so I’m glad for the Youtube tip! Other than internet browsing, nap time is currently spent napping, eating chocolate, or doing short bursts of jumping jacks.

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