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Pushed from the Nest

Guess who’s holding his own bottle of powdered poison and not even pretending to like it a little bit?

This guy. And screaming (his satisfaction? approval?) for all the world to hear.

We found an obliging pharmacist who sold us the goods – stashed behind the counter, naturally, being a controlled substance and all – and he is presently screaming 6 inches from Joey’s ear while they lie in side-by-side baby cages, pretending to take naps, with a fatty bottle of the good stuff clutched in his inefficient little paws. (Any tips on teaching a baby to hold his own bottle would be welcome here, this is a safe place.)

I was only a little bit confused and a whole lot relieved to find the magic powder hidden safely in the back of the shop, and I only blinked slightly rapidly whilst whisking past the condom and cigarette vending machines (what?) to make my dirty little purchase.

Sufficiently shamed and very much optimistic about this evening, I bid you a fond farewell as I prepare to grit my teeth for a dueling banjo screamfest for the next 90 minutes of’ ‘quiet time.’

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  • October Rose

    My little guy used to take the bottle but now refuses it outright so he never got the hang of holding it himself … BUT he can now hold his sippy cup really well because of the handles. Maybe you could try putting the formula in the sippy cup?

    Not much help here, sorry, but good luck. 🙂 Sending a prayer your way!

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