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He Sleeps!

And so do I! 2 nights in a row now, I’ve gotten 7+ hours. Fricking fracking miracle, I tell you. Evidenced by a frenetic mopping of both the kitchen and bathroom yesterday, and daily Mass and a 7 mile trek to and fro Villa Borghese this morning, pushing the million pound limo stroller and dragging various purchases collected along the way.

This is working. It’s really working!

Some stats to consider: (I’m talking to you, future self, when the next little person comes along one day. Do not – I repeat, do not – wait until said child is a toddler before ever thinking to say ‘no’ to them. Idiot.)

Night one: Down to bed by 9:30 pm, he cried for 90 minutes, fell asleep around 10:45, woke at 2 am, cried for another hour, took 3 oz of formula from Daddy at 3 am, fell back asleep until 7 am. I had mild panic attacks all night long from the sound of shrieking baby, which even worked its way into some truly bizarre dream narratives. Would not wish this experience on my worst enemy. Total cry time: 2.5 hours

Night two: Down to bed by 9:00 pm. Cried for 45 minutes, on an off, but less rabidly than on night one. Did not wake until 7 am. Total cry time: 45 minutes

Needless to say, I’m super optimistic about night three. Thank you times a million to infinity for the supportive, non-judgmental, and just truly helpful comments. Sleep training is hell. But it’s worth the price for the sweet, sweet reward of higher levels of cognitive functioning and a baby without bags under his eyes who actually giggles at me again. Praise the Lord.

What’s that you say? I can remove my extra-utero pregnancy suit, JP? Thank you sweet baby Jesus.


  • Kris

    So glad for you!! As hard as it is, it’s worth it if you can just stick it out. Hang in there! My oldest didn’t sleep through the night until he was almost two, before we finally did CIO. 3 nights in, sleeping through the night AND going to be by himself. Slapped ourselves silly for not doing it sooner.

  • letlovebesincere

    You know, when I read your post the other day, I almost commented to give it three nights, but thought you’d be getting enough advice. The three night rule has always worked in our house. And night one is always the worst, generally, I am a basket case and the husband has to take over. But by night three, they are sleeping rock stars. Good job!!!

  • Michele Chronister

    Hooray! Keep hanging in there! You might have an occasional set back but don’t let it get you down…because he is clearly learning and give him another week or so and he will have MASTERED this going to sleep business 🙂

  • Holly

    For some reason, I have been having trouble commenting. We’ve been praying for you guys. And, you look awesome!!! Yesterday, we were talking about how sometimes Jesus felt lonely in the desert for 40 days and Abigail said, “Sometimes Joey is lonely, too.” hahahahaha…

  • Cari

    I hate, hate, HATE when we move to the “cry it out” phase. The last two times it coincided with late spring, when we traditionally keep all the windows open at night. I felt like I needed to go warn/apologize to all my neighbors and assure them that we were not, in fact, in a drunken blackout and unaware of a crying baby.

    And while it seemed like forever, it usually only takes until that third night mark here, too.

    (is the purple scarf to ward off any abdominal torchy colas?)

  • Joannie

    Congrats, Jenny! And I love the picture from Assisi. Your boys are going to have the best memories of this time in your lives. (JP is not going to remember crying it out : ) but he will remember growing up in Rome.)

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