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When In Rome

So we’re here.

22 hours of travel. 3 glasses of wine. 1 horrific hour at Heathrow, during which I was stripped of my pride, dignity, and every container of babyfood I’d imported from America.

But I digress.

This place, Rome, it’s not so bad, but it is essentially crazy. Last night we strapped on a beach bag and a hiking backpack and walked 4 miles in light rain to and fro the grocery store and the cell phone shop. We ended up with a rather motley assembly of groceries and no cell phones, but the fact remains: we tried.

And. AND…we found tortilla chips and something called beans in chilly, which look sort of like pinto beans and taste not very like them at all…but which will most definitely do the job.

A brief summary of Italy thus far. It is: inconvenient, messy, loud, languid, glamorous, indulgent, sensual, historic, frenetic, and peaceful, all at once. The boys are nuts, we’re sleep deprived, (in fact, Joey is yelling at me from his packnplay even now, at 10 pm) but we’re still really happy to be here.

We had a picnic lunch today at the base of Castello San Angelo and ate brie, bread, apples, dark chocolate and Coke like it was a delicacy. And it tasted like it was. Joey chased pigeons, rode the filthy carousel, and generally played the part of ‘city kid’ to a T.

I think we’ll do just fine here.

But damn, my feet hurt.


  • Anonymous

    Jenny, what a champ you are! We miss you and will have to make do with your blog entries so keep them coming:)
    Love ya!

  • Kate

    I’m glad you all made it there safely. I loved your last post with the picture of “all your worldly possessions” behind you. The eight suitcases– it looked like what I pack for a two week trip to NY for our family. It was humbling. I have always been quite a risk taker, so I’m really enjoying reading as you document this journey. It’s so brave. I liked your blog before; love it even more now (with this new journey). Good luck as you adjust & settle!

  • joaninordinarytime

    I’m so happy for you guys! And proud of this grand adventure that you’re taking. I hope to see you in September! (fingers crossed)
    Make sure you check out Castroni for your nonItalian food needs — there are several, and the one I went to the most was right on Via Ottaviano, but I think I remember the one on Cola di Rienzo being bigger.

  • Julia

    Jenny, I don’t actually know you although we have some mutual friends (I’m sounding super creepy, sorry) but this made me laugh out loud. We went to Rome for Christmas, and at our Heathrow layover, the security guy took my husband’s cologne for being 2 mL over the max and then opened every.single. piece of makeup in my makeup case (and took my face wash).

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