Life in Italy

I’m Alive

But not well-connected, in the internet sense.

But today we did this.

In January.

And it rocked.
Our paparazzo captured all the fun

Somebody was kind of a jerk most of the day.

And somebody wasn’t.

And somebody else was faaaaaaabulous.

Daddy’s boy.

j/k, I’m the one he goes nuts for all.night.long.

San Marinella, Italy. We’ll be back with our beach blankets in March, cause in this house, 70 degrees is taaaaanning weather.

p.s. I am loving each and every one of your lovely comments (except the spamming troll from korea who keeps leaving barely-coherent messages about genital warts and improving internet speeds, but that’s another post entirely), but our internet is spotty-ish, so please forgive me for not replying to them lately. We’ll have our trusty high speed up and running in a couple days…or weeks. I’m learning.

“This is Italy.”


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