Family Life

What I Wore (to drive) to Thanksgiving Dinner

Holler at me Grace.

Coming to you fresh from the Rocky Mountains…

Not a drop of alcohol has been consumed yet.

But the promise is there.

Top: White House Black Market (thrifted)
Necklace: Lia Sophia (gifted)
Skirt: Target (exclusive boutique in my hood … sorry if you’ve never heard of it.)
Shoes: Blowfish (thrifted)

Side view. You’re welcome.
(Want guns like that? Dream on. I have good genes and hours at le gym to thank. Ever female in my immediate family has a pair. My dad refers to them as the ‘Senour Baby Cranes’ … you know, for lifting babies. You can see why my parents have enjoyed the long, happy marriage they have.)

Gratuitous family shot. Only missing like 65% of our members.

The happy couple.
In real life, I’m not this fat, and he’s not this tired.
Okay, yes we are.

 Happy Thanksgiving y’all!


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