7 Quick Pics

1. Because I got nothing this week. Nada. Jen may or may be puking on a plane right now, so maybe she can entertain you more effectively.

2. Emotional hangovers be damned.

3. Still, if you’re looking for encouragement, you could always read this or maybe this.

4. Or think budgetarily inappropriate thoughts while admiring these.

5. Or you could listen to this 1 or 20 times on Youtube. Not that I haven’t. (Okay, 21. Thanks Dwija.)

6. But I digress. Without further ado, I give you a tale of two brothers, in still life:

One’s a pleaser…
(Aw shucks, mom.)
And one’s a streaker.

Sippy cup + naked toddler + leather couch = all around winning combo

Buns in the air. We just don’t care.

 7. The end. Why won’t they nap?


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