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E-cards from a sitting President

Dear women of the United States of America,

(particularly those of the Democratic persuasion)

You are being had. Your Commander in Chief sees a sea of vaginas when he looks out at a predominantly female crowd, and if that doesn’t turn your stomach, I don’t know what will.

Some lovely tidbits from the White House’s corner of the internets this morning:

Oh, vote with my lady parts? Or just for them? Wait, did you actually want me to have my vagina drive me to the polls and let it do all the box-checking for me?

Oh, okay.

Or how about this one:

Kind of inspires mother/daughter warm fuzzies, huh?
My dear sisters, whatever your political affiliation in the past – or even at present – do you really believe that this man has your best interests at heart when he is clearly so preoccupied with your reproductive organs that he cannot see past a pair of breasts to the brain above them or the heart behind them? 
I am of the lies that women are being fed about being ’empowered’ and ‘heard’ and equipped with ‘choices’ by the Democratic party; it’s bullshit. The only thing these people care about is staying in power, and the only reason you’re getting any of their attention is because you (allegedly) comprise a coveted voting bloc.
If the man sitting in the Oval Office right now (or on a golf course in Vegas, let’s be real) really gave a damn about you and your family, he would be working to secure the financial and physical safety of our great nation, not flooding social networks with smutty e-cards trying to play the cheeky frat boy-come-Cosmo girl. 
He is a disgrace. The campaign for the ‘woman’s vote’ via her vagina is a disgrace. And if you allow yourself to be taken in by this kind of patronizing chauvinism disguised as ‘progressive’ equality … then my dear sister, so too are you.
We have come further than this as a nation, as a civilization, as a sex
Don’t let your person be reduced to the sum of your parts – lady or otherwise. 
(update: the Obama campaign has pulled e-card numero uno without explanation. Funny.)


    • Anonymous

      yes.. it is real..& many of us caught it. UNbelievable. this is a President? he acts more & more juvinile every day. come on Romney!! at least get this idiot out of our power seat!

  • Cari

    Yeah. I’m hard pressed to trust the Administration with protecting my lady parts when they can’t protect US Ambassadors. When they had advance notice.

    Maybe if my lady parts and our Ambassadors were at a 40K a ticket dVegas inner hosted by Jay-Z and Beyonce, we’d be safe. Seems like that’s about the President’s speed lately.

  • Anonymous

    you don’t have to like our president but you have to respect him as the leader of our nation. And accusing him of not protecting our nation? I’m pretty sure that thousands of people in NY, DC and PA were killed under the last “pro-life” president. Oh, and hundreds more died in a poor city ravaged by a hurricane and those who survived were left to rot while that same “pro-life” president continued his vacation. but he was anti-abortion so obviously he was pro-life and you should like him. ha.

    and you can be as bitchy as you want about anonymous posters…but think about why people like myself don’t want to use their real names. you’re rude. nasty. hateful. arrogant. i’m not subjecting my real self to your poison. so yes, i’ll stick with being anonymous for now.

  • Jennifer @ Conversion Diary

    AWESOME post. I sent this to my husband, and he wrote back and extremely effusive email talking about how great this post is and what a great writer you are. He’s not much of a blog commenter, so I’m letting you know on his behalf. 😉

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