Party Animals

Davers turned the big 33 last night, so naturally, we celebrated by cooking a multi-course ethnic smorgasbord, inviting all our baby-toting friends into our new backyard, strung up some party lights, and drank boxed wine until 10. That’s 10 pm, for all you hot young things who imagine you might be able to keep up with us.

also, we smoked these, which were left behind by Steubie-bound sister number 5. which are legal. but which don’t make the morning-after any more pleasant than ordinary, additive-full cancer sticks.

The upshot was that our sugar-hyped almost 2-year-old slept until an unprecedented 7:45 this morning, leading us to understand that a 10 pm bedtime will yield a reasonably civilized wake up call. Thanks Joey, we’re so thrilled to discover after 23 long months that you actually have the nocturnal needs of a teenager.

I also baked a bomb.com gluten free german chocolate cake, which pretty much gave everyone in attendance happiness seizures, and did not taste in any way like feet.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to combat my boxed-wine/nursing-all-night-infant hangover with some awful home brewed coffee and the looming specter of Lifeteen Mass this evening, since we all slept through our normally only mildly horrific 9:30 am Sunday obligation.

Amen. Happy Sunday.


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