Jiggity jig

Home again after a short and semi-relaxing jaunt up to Lake Michigan for a family reunion. Semi-relaxing because, lets face it, there is no such thing as a vacation with kids. At least not with kids under the age of 2.

Still, loads of fun had by one and all, and very satisfied grandparents now on both sides of the Mississippi.

An aside: although I ran every other day and hiked the Mt. Everest of beach stairs to and fro our abode daily, I still gained like 3 lbs aaaaand was nauseous EVERY day (not pregnant, soooo not pregnant). I blame it almost entirely on the beers, crackers, pasta and pancakes which were consumed once my delicate resolve cracked on day 2. I picked up a fascinating read called “Wheat Belly” last night and I’m a couple chapters in…so far, super intriguing and very, very motivating to me to climb back aboard the gluten-free express.

And now I’m off to pack my house, as we perfectly timed our move for the end of this post-vacay and upper 90 degree week. So smart. Joey has been handing me random objects from the piles of semi-organization in every room, thereby ensuring excellent parenting practices as I yell ‘just go sit in front of Dora!’ while frantically stuffing clothes into garbage bags. What? Isn’t that how you pack?

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