Monday, Monday

Episodes of Dora consumed by Joey: 3 (hangs head in shame)

Minutes of prayer/desperate supplications thrown skyward: ongoing…just hanging on here.

What’s spinning on Youtube this morning: This power ballad by Casting Crowns. ( Please ignore the creepy final verse crooned by somebody’s 11-year old. It’s a strange and apparently Protestant phenom to insert high-pitched children’s voices into the end of worship songs. Weird.) I honestly love this song so much that it makes me cry. And I’m fairly confident that it is the sole reason I dated the guy who introduced me to it. Hindsight is truly 20/20.

Number of times JP has feigned sleep, tricking me into laying him down in hopes of a longer-than-18-minute nap: 3.

No comment.

Percentage points of increased self-esteem earned by doing housework while clad in work-out gear: 200

I’m sure you’re all enthralled.


  • Cari

    If you do housework in workout gear, it ups the caloric burn of chores by 4000%. Fact.

    Ditto on the creepy trend of having kids sing the final verses of worship songs. Blech.

  • [email protected]

    If you eat while wearing workout gear, the calories become negative. Fact.

    Well, I have to go and unblind my eye to Ellen taking sips of my caffeinated beverage that is keeping her quiet while I scan the interwebs.


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