Stayin’ Alive

But just barely.

The new kid on the block? He.doesn’t.sleep.

And he hates the Moby wrap. Hippie fail.

John Paul: one million (number of dollars we’ve promised him if he’ll bust out a 3 hour stretch of zzz’s during the darkest part of the night.

Mom and Dad: zero (times he has taken us up on it)

All that and a trip to the ER for some lovely and non-dissolving stitches for one gravity-defiant older brother equal a week perhaps unparalleled in the history of parental misery.

And to think, I can’t even have any cheese (or any other dairy delight) with this whine…

Bright side? Exterior baby was largely unscathed, save for 4 little pieces of plastic holding his lip together…and I saw THIS guy at a stop light.



  • Cynthia

    Oh my…isn’t it awesome how they forget that sleep is needed? Why is that? WHY?! I think that picture makes up for all said sleeplessness though.

    No worries, mama. JP will get it. HE WILL. I’ll pray for that 🙂

  • Dwija {House Unseen}

    Holy cow. A sleepless newborn AND stitches???? You need a trophy.

    And I know it’s very unhippy of me to suggest it, but my fussy, fussy boy only loved the Baby Bjorn. Got it on ebay. Not nearly as hot as the Moby, either.

    Hugs and prayers!

  • Cari

    I swear on a stack of Jehovah Witnesses’ Bibles that the dude you saw there was the ghost of my Viet Nam veteran Cousin Tommy. The only reason I don’t swear on a stack of our Bibles is because he’s not hunched over from the arthritis triggered by 6 months hunkered down in a rice patty. But glorified bodies and all….

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