Sweat Equity

Tried to summon the enthusiasm (done) and the motivation (check) to get alllll the way to Hobby Lobby to pick up the materials necessary for replicating this little number, only to stand paralyzed in the jewelry-making aisle for all of 10 minutes trying unsuccessfully to decipher which of the 39 different types of necklace clasp would best suit my rudimentary DIY needs.

Pinterest fail.

I left empty-handed and literally soaking in sweat, due either to hormones or the sheer weight of the decision before me. Or perhaps I’m just so mentally handicapped from my luxurious life of stay-at-home mothering that I’m not equipped to make truly important economic decisions.

$8 dollars richer and no fabulous necklace to show for it. Forever 21, I’m headed your way…


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