This is how the Titanic looked

before she sank.

Sometimes things CAN be too big for their own good.

At least my (female) neighbor catcalled me this morning and announced that she would wear my Old Navy maternity shirt

‘Pregnant or not!’


And may I just add, at this point, the skinny jeans are no longer a friendly trend.

But it’s that or Dave’s gym shorts….

“Sweatpants are all that fit me right now!”


  • Jenny

    God bless you for your lenten charity, but really, that doesn’t explain the shocked faces in the women’s locker room…unless they’re jealous.


    Must be jealous, those old, post-fertile biddies…

  • Anonymous

    Jenny! You always look adorable… so put together whenever I’ve seen you! Hey, but for the amount of work we (prego women) go through, you should be entitled to wear whatever the #@$$ you want to! Rock those sweats baby!

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