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The Talk

This morning I took little man on a post-workout date to Panera to have ‘the talk.’

It went something like this:

Jenny: “Joey, how do you feel about the new baby coming soon?”

Joey: “NO.”

Jenny: “What are you most looking forward to about having a sibling? Having a playmate? Having a roommate?”

Joey: “baba!”

Jenny: “When mommy and daddy decide it’s time to have the baby (ha) we are going to the hospital and you are going to stay with Grandma for a while…are you excited?”

Joey: “YAAAAAH …. ALLAH!”(my child has Islamic fundamentalist tendencies…what can I say?)

(uncomfortable glances from other restaurant patrons)

Jenny (shifting tactics): “So are you nervous at all?”

Joey: …

(crickets chirping…stuffs more bagel in mouth)

–End scene–


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