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Mucking the Internet

My day starts out pretty similar to most other mamas of little people. Leisurely awakened at 6 something in the am (7 this morning, making Daddy late for work – our little alarm clock is usually so reliable) by either persistent head-banging, crying or hooting/gibberish from the room next door, followed by 10 – 20 minutes of beached whaling (mine) around in the king-sized while dear husband valiantly rescues the innocent babe from his baby cage.

I’ll spare you the painful details of the ensuing breakfast/coffeeorineffectivetea/to-shower-or-not-to-shower-that-is-the-question debate, but let the record show that more often than not, ‘not to shower’ emerges victorious.

Here’s where my workday diverges from the average SAHM duties ever so slightly.

You see, I spend approximately 4-5 hours a day combing the www for treasures like this and this…and of course the occasionally tremendously uplifting tale like this.

But you have to dig through a lot of poop to find nuggets of gold.

Especially in a sickly culture dominated by relativistic, amoral/immoral detritus such as ours.

(I know, so uplifting, so hope-filled and Christ-centered. But what can I say…it gets a little discouraging some days.)

My husband often helpfully reminds me that I’m essentially doing this:

Although somedays it feels like this:
Point being, it’s a lot of $&*# to dig through … and it’s not a truly representative sampling of humanity or culture.
Which is tremendously helpful to me when I’m knee deep in a story like this.
Why spend my time this way? Well, it’s a job somebody’s gotta do. And I have the distinct privilege to work as the content editor of Heroic News, the premier online resource for breaking, global news on all major life and culture issues, from euthanasia to abortion to the attack on marriage and the family.
It’s a mixed blessing to be sure, as there are some days when I just feel the crushing weight of how utterly devalued life is in this culture…
but in the end…life wins.
It does…it has.
But in the meantime, we have to keep fighting. For truth to prevail. For charity to pervade our thoughts and our actions. And for life.
Always for life.
So dear readers, will you spread the word about Heroic News? Perhaps link it to your own website or blog, and consider liking us on Facebook and following us on Twitter.
You won’t be sorry. And coming Summer 2012, you’ll have yet another opportunity to engage with the issues that matter most when Heroic News the television program premiers…stay tuned for details.
Until the whole world hears.

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