In This House, it Will Always Be Tebow Time

Because we like us some football, but we LOVE us some Jesus-praising, sick-kid cheering, handsome gridiron warriors. Especially ones who aren’t afraid to take hits that would leave most mere mortals in long term physical therapy and/or a wheel chair.

All that, and his spinal column contains all its original discs — bam, Peyton.

(Thus ends my first and last sports-related ‘post’ in history. Probably.)


    • Jenny

      Oh it’s sooooo shameful. Our cowardly owner and head coach put their like-named heads together and delivered a great big kick in the stomach by signing grandpa Peyton Manning as the new starting QB, and jettisoning Tebow to the New York Jets where I guess he will either get knifed in the locker room or hit by a bottle on the field…

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