Cheapest thrills

In a flurry of nesting/wanting to flee the house under the cloud of impending confinement, I had a helluva morning at the Goodwill…

Helluva morning.

I had heard tell of this legendary location, mere blocks from the largest (dare I say) SuperTargay in Denver metro, but OMG.

Let me restate. O.M.G.

There were literally piles of Target furniture, still in boxes, tossed in the corner of ‘Housewares,’ marked down with Sharpie numbers scrawled across their signature orange clearance tags.

And the pillows. Oh my the pillows.

And my personal favorite section: random curtains/tablecloths/dish towels, all still rocking retail tags aaaaand little blue Goodwill stickers that said wonderful things like “$.99”

Dave Ramsey was the sole reason I only did $38 dollars in damage today.

May I proudly present my kills finds from this a.m.?

$4 Dwell Studio table cloth

$1.99 Dwell Studio dishtowels (I can’t believe I just blogged about dishtowels. I went to college.)

$4 potty training stepping stool (for the world’s smartest 17 month old)

The piece de resistance: $5 Banana Republic peep toe wedges in brown leather snakeskin. Hellllllll yes.

 Not pictured: numerous items from Jack and Janie, Children’s Place and Baby Gap…because a man can never have too many choices when it comes to seersucker.



  • Anna @ IHOD

    What?! I am totally jealous of those Dwell Studio towels.
    And this is totally random but since you mentioned Dave Ramsey, he recommended and it has positively changed my life! 🙂

  • Jenny

    Anna, as much as I loathe their commercials during my daily Ramsey Show marathon…I’m totally intrigued now. Did you pick a specific plan, or just their ‘any store’ menu?

  • Cynthia

    Oh Jenny…I’ve been to that Goodwill many times…and just recently was amazed at what kind of loot I found. I had NO idea about Target until Jill H. said something about it earlier in the year. I’m slowly coming out of the dark 🙂 Love those shoes btw.

  • littlelovesoflife

    Jenny, I love your blog. You crack me up! And I am completely jealous of your finds. I went to Salvation Army yesterday and unknowingly walked into a mob scene. I stuck to the clothing section and didn’t have the guts to peek into housewares!

  • Morgan

    I love your blog-which I somehow stumbled upon through a number of other blogs 🙂 You have pearls of wisdom I will keep tucked away safely until I myself become a wife and mother 🙂

    This pearl of wisdom however, I can use here and now! Your finds are great! Would you mind sharing where this lovely Goodwill is? I’m intrigued and the only cure is to go check it out myself! 🙂

    • Jenny

      well thank you 🙂 And if you are a Denverite you are in luck – it’s in Glendale and just behind the SuperTarget (you know, the awesome one that sells wine) on Colorado and Alameda. Enjoy!

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