Abortion,  Culture of Death

A Brief Review

 So good. Go see it. Make your husband come… I have every intention of going back for round two and making Dave accompany me on a date night.

I totally see an abortion analogy here, but I’ll have to mull it over a bit longer before I can speak cogently on it. Still, child sacrifice at the behest of a corrupt government seeking to control its population by coercion and fear….and the hyper-maturity with which children in such an environment are forced into adult roles far too young? Yep, I can totally see it.

Go buy your tickets! Plus, all the actors are beautiful and talented. Win win.


  • Kate

    I remember talking to my husband about how there seemed to be abortion parallels in the HGs. I was afraid it was my Catholic reading glasses, but the books were just SO life affirming. I’d love to hear more of your thoughts.

    • Jenny

      I am still percolating the movie experience, but I am SO glad to hear somebody else had those shades on. I hope I can write a little something more on it later this week.

      My husband thinks I’m a little ca-razy in my assessment, but he did agree to go back and ‘try again’ with the books, so … hoping for a change of heart.

  • Megan

    Jenny, several things. I miss you more than words can express. I think of you and your pending delivery of interior baby a million times a day. Your blog has become a daily read as of this past week and it just feels like I’m a part of your life again! I have loved reading all your most recent posts. You make me laugh so much, ( I miss your wit and humor!) which I often need at the end of a day, as I’m weary and can’t put two thoughts together and need a boost before falling into bed. And lastly, I’ve been super curious and interested about all the hype of Hunger Games and didn’t even know what it was till like 10 days ago. No joke. You and I few other mommys I hang with, have totally sold me that I need to read and see it! And I’m DEFINITELY bringing Luke along. I already know I want to share the experience with him. Ok, enough taking over your blog with a novel length comment. I should have just emailed you 🙂 Love you and praying for you LOTS!!! You’re gonna do great!

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