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SCPI Study on Aborted Fetal DNA in Vaccines Presented at International Meeting for Autism Research
(Seattle, Washington)  Sound Choice Pharmaceutical Institute’s (SCPI) founder and lead scientist, Dr Theresa Deisher, presented their ongoing study into the possible link between aborted fetal DNA in several childhood immunizations with Autism and Austim Spectrum Disorder (ASD) at the International Meeting for Autism Research in Philadelphia, PA May 20-22, 2010.

The study which was met with both shock and gratitude for her work, focused on “improper integration of the residual DNA as a possible contributor to autism, particularly in genetically susceptible infants.”
“It is known from gene therapy studies that injected naked DNA can be transported to the brain (Wang et al. 2001); that improperly integrated therapeutic DNA has caused cancer in young children (Hacein-Bey-Abina et al. 2008); and that shorter DNA fragments have a higher probability of entering the nucleus [of the cells] (Lechardeur et al. 2002)”, noted Dr Theresa whose company recently received a $500,000 grant from the Murdock foundation for their research.

Dr Deisher, along with Physicist Marissa LaMadrid, PhD are investigating whether improper insertion of DNA into the vaccine recipient cells can cause autism.  Four major areas of the research involve:

(1) measuring the amount and length distribution of residual human DNA in vaccines;
(2) predicting sites of DNA insertion via homologous recombination (HR) and measure insertion rates;
(3) modeling how brain cell function might be affected, either via loss of the ability to make proper connections or via selective growth of cells with improperly integrated DNA at the expense of healthy cells;
(4) conducting epidemiology studies comparing autism rates in children injected with vaccines containing human DNA residuals. 

The results reported thus far were startling, to say the least.
“Changepoint analysis of autism disorder demonstrates a temporal correlation with events associated with human DNA residuals in vaccines. The levels of residual DNA are well over FDA-recommended limits”, stated Dr Deisher.  “Meruvax-II contains >140ng/vial ssDNA and >30ng/vial dsDNA, with average lengths of 215bp. Havrix contains >270ng/vial ssDNA and >30ng/vial dsDNA. The FDA-recommended amounts are 10ng/dose.” 

While research has been conducted in the past on a possible link between thimerosal and autism, no one has ever looked at the contaminating DNA, something requested for years by Children of God for Life, a pro-life watchdog focused on the use of aborted fetal material in vaccines, medicines and other consumer products.

“Until the advent of AVM Biotechnology and their non-profit arm SCPI we had little hope that anyone would invest the time and money to do this study”, stated Children of God for Life’s founder, Debi Vinnedge. 
“Dr Deisher’s work is a blessing to hundreds of thousands of families, if not millions worldwide.  She is a direct answer to our prayers for a biotech company focused solely on moral research and ethically produced vaccines and therapeutics.”

SCPI’s work on ethical alternatives to aborted fetal vaccines was recently highlighted in the Puget Sound Business Journal. For more information, including the Washington news story and scientific data from their study see www.cogforlife.org/scpiautismstudypress.htm


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