Sunday, January 4, 2009

Guarding Against Gardasil

"The attorneys at our firm are investigating instances of serious side effects linked to Gardasil, an HPV vaccine, including blood clots and deaths. Since Gardasil was approved by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA), its maker, Merck Inc., has undertaken an aggressive campaign to force families to subject their daughters to the Gardasil vaccine. And even thought Gardasil side effect reports are increasing, the FDA has refused to review the safety of this vaccine...some analysts estimate that Gardasil could net the company as much as $1.4 billion in its first full year on the market." - Parker Waichman Alonso, LLP

Recently I've had opportunities to discuss the HPV vaccine, Gardasil, with individual women in each of the targeted age groups to whom Merck has been aggressively marketing their latest cash cow - a twelve year old, a nineteen year old, and a twenty-four year old recent college grad. All three women were somewhat informed on the vaccine, but curiously the twelve year old was the only one with a real awareness of the possible risks and side effects associated with it.

The other two had been encouraged by their primary care physicians to take the shot as a cautionary measure to guard against the possibility of cervical cancer in the future. Neither women has ever been sexually active, and neither was informed that Gardasil's actual role in prevention extends only toward the possible protection against certain strains of HPV believed to be responsible for cervical cancer if left untreated.

Neither girl was informed of any potential risks or side effects associated with the vaccination, nor were they aware of the unusually high cost of the shot (nearly $400 per administration, according to One of the young women took the information I shared with her to her next doctor's appointment where she inquired about potential risks associated with the shot. She was greeted with gentle laughter and told "not to worry, the benefits far outweigh the costs." The doctor, however, was strangely reluctant to name any of the possible costs, which I found listed on the same legal site I referenced above:

"Since its approval, there have been at least 3,461 complaints of adverse reactions to the Gardasil vaccine, and there could have been as many as eight deaths attributable to Gardasil. According to Judicial Watch, in several instances, blood clots were reported to have occurred after the administration of Gardasil.

Other side effects including paralysis, Bells Palsy, Guillain-Barre Syndrome, and seizures were also reported. The Gardasil side effect reports also include 28 women who miscarried after receiving Gardasil. In May 2007, a 24-year-old woman suffered a miscarriage, which an investigator in a report issued to the federal government said, “may have been caused by Gardasil because the patient received the injection within 30 days of the pregnancy.”" - Parker Waichman Alonso LLP

There's more, however. Gardasil contains a nasty little additive which is linked to infertility in mice, Polysorbate 80:

"There are also some concerns that Gardasil may cause infertility. An early version of the Virginia house bill contained a clause addressing liability issues "if a female who is inoculated with the HPV vaccine becomes incapable of naturally conceiving a healthy child carried to live birth or experiences impaired fertility as a result of the HPV vaccine".

Legislators got that idea because the vaccine contains Polysorbate 80, which is linked to infertility in mice. The Merck HPV vaccine also contains sodium borate which is a common roach killer in each of its three doses. The National Library of Medicine (NLM) of the National Institutes of Health notes of sodium borate that it "is now known to be a dangerous poison, it is no longer commonly used in medical preparations." - That', March 2007

More to come in future posts, but ladies and parents, take your homework before you roll into the doctor's office and roll up that sleeve. There's a reason they're pushing this vaccine so hard, and forgive me for questioning the motives of the tender-hearted drug companies, but I have to wonder what's in it for them, and at what cost to us?

By the way, a "guaranteed protection against HPV" (which is exactly what many girls believe Gardasil to be) is another great rationalization for promiscuity, just in case young people needed any additional encouragement in that arena.


  1. Very excellent article, as usual Jenny.

    Here's one straight out of the washington post this morning. I think you and your readers will find it interesting:
    "Curbing Population Via Call Center"

  2. I just heard a commercial for Gardasil and the tagline was something like "you have the power to choose." Really? I do?
    Isn't it required in some states??

    The whole thing scares me.


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