Friday, January 9, 2009

The Art of Manliness

I added a fabulous link yesterday to the always entertaining blog "The Art of Manliness." For any of you out there who are men, are married to a man, are dating a man, or are just a fan of masculinity in general... you need to be reading this. It's hilarious, it's counter-cultural, and it's filled with truth.

The truth being that real masculinity - the desire to provide and protect and to sacrifice for a greater good, to extend beyond one's self - is alive and well.

Authentic, God-given masculinity is one of the most beautiful and powerful reminders of God's love and of His nature. After all, the God we knew as the Carpenter in Nazareth was rugged, hardworking, self sacrificing, uncomplaining, unselfish... and deeply masculine in his human lifetime.

The site exists, I surmise, to encourage men in the pursuit of masculine ideals, as well as to promote (often times tongue in cheek) masculinity to the culture at large. A culture that is largely, well, hostile to the idea of men being (gasp!) men.

It follows that a world bent on gender-norming and sexual sameness would take offense to the concept of promoting manliness as an art form. So do something radical and go check it out, and encourage the men in your life in their pursuit of the finer things.


  1. I have been railing against the "demasculinization" of our society for many years. I'm old and I'm old school. Frankly, what I see these days that pass for men is pretty pathetic. Effeminate, linguine-spined, without any principles, without any courage, just blowing in the wind. Going along with every cornball notion that has permeated our culture since the advent of feminism. Confused about their sexuality, and trying to be somebody they are not, has led to to the replacing of John Wayne with Michael Jackson and Jesus Christ with Dr. Phil. It has manifested itself in our current crop of political leaders who exist really to seek approval by appeasing everybody. The world needs real men and their numbers are dwindling.

  2. What Paul said...


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