Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thanksgiving Through My Father's Eyes

My dad has a favorite saying, and he's really not that kind of guy. Never one to relish an expression or colloquialism, he nonetheless has a tireless favorite that is readily applied to most of life's situations.

"Attitude is gratitude."

I'm not even sure that it makes sense as a stand alone phrase, but what it is meant to express is our constant need to give thanks, to offer to God a constant, grateful heart for what He has given to us - or not given to us - every day of our lives.

He said this to me just this past weekend, as I unloaded some of my burdens onto his paternal heart, needing his strength to carry what I could not. He looked at me with love, and he dropped his line. And you know what? It worked.

It worked because he's right: it's all about how we receive the blessings or hardships God has intended for us in this moment, on this particular day. He knows what He's doing, and it's all good stuff, all designed to remake us more perfectly into His image and likeness.

So, taking a page from my dad's wisdom, I'd like to give heaven a shout out for the following blessings this past year bestowed, thanking Him for:

  • My family. They're intact, they're practicing, and I'm incredibly lucky
  • My job. It's God's work, and it's good
  • My friends. They're growing me into sainthood, and I pray I'm doing the same for them (the road to sainthood, by the way, is paved with suffering...)
  • Catholicism. It ain't easy, but it's the best game in town
  • The pro-life movement. The gates of hell will not prevail against it
  • Theology of the Body
  • Expensive wine
  • Love letters
  • The changing seasons
  • Living in the greatest country on earth, and being able to write/speak/protest freely
Happy Thanksgiving, my friends. What are you grateful for?

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