Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Overheard 'Round the Water Cooler ... (Okay, okay, on NPR)

  1. 1.) Sarah Palin is "trailer trash" and therefore not to be seriously considered as representative of recent advances made by the feminine person onto the national political stage.
  1. 2.) If you were ever a beauty queen, (listen up ladies: pretty girls need not apply for "serious" jobs) you're going to pay through the nose twenty years down the road when you're asking people to take you seriously, despite your pleasing outward appearance. And cover that womanly figure with a sensible pantsuit, will you?!
  1. 3.) Motherhood + career advancement = scandal, apparently. And parenting a family comprised of greater than 1.5 offspring is reason for grave concern in "serious metropolitan circles." (Go back to the frontier, Laura Ingalls Wilder, we don't take kindly to your kind 'round here.)

The message, in a nutshell?

If you are pretty, well-spoken, rational (read: can speak without menacing rancor dripping from every entitled syllable that leaves your mouth) or otherwise incapacitated by, say, actual priorities like raising a family or nurturing a marriage, then you've got a fairly decent shot at not making the V.I.P. list in the District.

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