Friday, August 29, 2008

Falling From the Sky

I received a text message this morning that said only the following: “she’s a beautiful, conservative, pro-life, gun toting mother of 5!”

It was a brief message, but it got the point across. I sat in disbelief, holding my cell phone in my lap (yes, I text while driving, so sue me) and wondering what this could mean for politics. If this were true, as the tone of Laura Ingraham’s voice and the words on my tiny screen were insisting, then that changed, well, everything.

As even the casual reader of this blog will quickly notice, there’s been no love lost for Obama these past few months. The man may be a decent sort of fellow in person, I cannot say for certain, but I can affirm with every fiber of my being that his stance on life issues is dead wrong. Like, wrong side of the spiritual tracks wrong. From the pits of hell wrong. You get the idea.

So most of my anti-Obamination passion has been cultivated through a careful study of his policies and his voting record, coupled with an inherent distaste for dishonesty. But through it all, I was unable to really find it in my heart to jump on board with McCain.

Don’t get me wrong, the man’s heroics in Vietnam are sufficient to win my utmost respect, but I couldn’t shake the nagging suspicion that I’d be voting, really, for the lesser of two evils. His pro-life record is far from spotless, and he could certainly benefit from some remedial instruction in embryology, (embryonic stem cell research = abortion) but I was prepared to hold my nose and check “McCain” for the sake of the preservation of these United States as we know them (Independent, Democratic, Prosperous, decidedly not a part of the World Union, or whatever the hell that Berlin speech was all about). But I wasn’t stoked.

Now, after a couple of hours of reflection and study and conversation, I think I’m getting there. Here’s a woman who is ardently pro-life, pro-gun, pro-ANWR drilling, pro-America…and to top it off, she’s mother to five and still married to the same man. All that, plus she’s a marathoner with a fishing license. And she’s pretty.

Not that any of that really matters after bullet point numero uno, but there are a myriad of attractive qualities which nominate her to a high standing, indeed, in this cult of personality for which modern politics has become so infamous.

So why am I not elated? I guess I am, but I’m torn, also, dreading the pain and sacrifice her family will be called upon to make, should she assume the second highest office in the land. I’m delighted in theory, but I’m a little wary in actuality, because yes, she does have 5 children at home, and yes, Washington is a cruel, cold place to raise a family. (Ironic, given her current location.)

So I’m delighted as a woman for this woman, and as an American for what this will surely mean for America. John McCain made an admirable pick, the maverick that he is, and the ripples are creating a swell that is all but eradicating whatever post-convention bounce team Obama might have been hoping for. But I’m still a little wary. The sound you just heard was the glass ceiling shattering, but shattering glass can cut as it falls.


  1. This is known in sports as a Hail Mary pass. I fully support it. I had hoped against hope that McCain would find some well qualified coservative woman to fill the ticket. It changes everything.

    Regarding her family challenges I believe we will find out if the Lord thinks this is a good idea. If she is as committed to her faith as she appears, then God will provide far more than the Secret Service. This could be quite prophetic for those atunned to spiritual matters...

    A good time to read up on some amazing women of the bible. Living in the VP residence can't be half as bad as giving birth in a get my point.

    Don't know whether it will come to pass...but you must admit it is rather transformational for the GOP. The debates should be quite interesting and the spinmeisters will have to spin on their heads...

  2. I have a question because I really don't think I understand the USA perspective here.
    Why is being 'pro-gun' seen as a positive thing?

    Sorry, probably a stupid question, but in England being 'pro-gun' would be a huge negative mark. In fact the very phrase 'pro-gun' sounds strange to my ears... It sounds like the kind of phrase which 'should' be given some kind of rhetorical twist in a kind of pro-abortion = pro-choice way..


  3. We have a right to self-defense. The right to apply equal force against the evil act. People with guns aren't the problem, it's the intention of the person with a gun. Some people have guns to hunt and to protect. Others have guns to kill and to violate.

    One could make a case for the natural ability of an individual to protect oneself. Zebras have stripes, cameleaons have camoflage. What do we have?

    After the sin of Adam and Eve in the garden, God made clothes for them. Why did he do that? He was covering up their nakedness...but from who? Who did they need protection from? I know that we'd all like to have peace but sin exists and as long as it does, we have a need for self-defense.

    Self-defense comes in all forms: on the most basic level we have personal boundaries that we have in place until someone establishes trust, then we have our ability to yell and use our strength. No one questions these things as legitimate unless it's a untrustworthy person. We have boundaries and we have war because of sin - as a means of protection. Sure, there is potential for abuse but with great power comes great responsibility.


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