Friday, August 22, 2008

Chemical Warfare - A Rerun

The Pill. Such an innocuous term for such a nefarious substance... On the sides of buses, between the covers of a magazine, in the pages of high school texts and on the TV screen, women are sold a glorious vision of freedom and false security, promoted by an industry that has no interest in their security and certainly no interest in their well being.

I can't impress upon you enough, gentle reader, the outrage I feel over the all-too-frequent occurrence of a young girl, say, 13 or 14 years of age, walking into her pediatrician's office with an overbearing mother concerned for her social and emotional health, and walking out with a prescription for Ortho that will "clear up her acne" and markedly improve her popularity with the co-eds on campus. We are giving women poison to put into their young bodies, and we're telling them it's not only a matter of personal choice, but that there is an inherent degree of social responsibly a woman owes the world, making her body readily available for use and consumption without consequence.

It's all lies, and never has a more clever or effective marketing scheme taken such a large percentage of the population. I have literally gotten into heated arguments with women who are absolutely certain that conception is an inherent risk and even an inevitable "consequence" of each and every sexual encounter... We are so out of touch with our bodies, so unwilling to take the next step and seek out information that isn't coming through mainstream media networks, and so addicted to our self-centered, pleasure seeking lifestyles... in other words, we're an ideal market for fat pharmaceutical companies to make a pretty penny off of our ignorance and our perverted misconception of human sexuality.

This is my greatest fear, that human beings will ultimately reduce themselves, and others, to objects for use and manipulation to achieve a desired end. Already a prevalent practice in my generation, there are few romantic relationships that don't stem from a mutual desire to take or to posses the other. No longer is love synonymous with sacrifice and self gift. Instead we've all become preoccupied with satisfaction and satiation and fulfillment and the ultimate orgasm and consequence free sex with that cute bartender who bought you and your roommate your 5th drink of the night and is willing to drive you home after close...

But I digress. The real issue here is the liberation of women, long enslaved to the cumbersome biological processes that would restrict our copulative habits to monogamous encounters with devoted partners, because hey, when babies come, it's awfully helpful to have a second pair of hands to hold them, feed them, care for them...

Thankfully we're freed from that drudgery now; free to explore realms of promiscuity past generations only dreamt of. Free from abusive relationships, from unsatisfying sex with uncaring partners insensitive to our needs, from the slavery of motherhood and the inconvenience of abortion, protected from the potential hassle of divorce (because we can test drive the merchandise now, and we ought to!), and utterly sexually satisfied... Or at least, that's the pitch. Safe sex.

They have a pill for that, right?


  1. Do the last 3 paragraphs (including that very short one) serve to reinforce the lies that the culture perpetrates upon us, or to refute them?

    Does sarcasm beget hope?

  2. Does complacent ignorance beget change?

  3. I don't see a requirement to embrace either ignorance or sarcasm.

    I think it's preferable to educate in a hopeful manner, and in doing so help destroy ignorance and sarcasm.

  4. Then perhaps you should start a hopeful, educational blog of your own. ;)

  5. Try actually CHOOSING to become pregnant as a real decision for your family, and then sitting once a month for the first eight months, and then once a week for the last month in the gynagologists' waiting room who have each sold themselves over to the marketing of "pill"-makers. Evil on every side, on each table, in overhead TVs continually playing pill advertisements set to soothing music! It's truly oppressive.

    Gynacologist - now there's a misnomer! It comes from the Greek word gune, woman. And yet who are the biggest pushers of this chemical warfare against women? Well, they may not be the biggest, but they sure are easily purchased, I see! (In touch with women's bodies? Hardly. They have devices for that. In fact, we had to argue with our gynacologist about our baby's due date. "According to our measurements, you are due..." Um, doctor, we didn't make love on that date, your due date is impossible.)

    It's high time that women become real feminists; that's right, I said it: no more of this pseudofeminism of these lamentable modern times! Throw off the yoke of chemical hormones not your own and cling to your own true dignity as women, not an object to be used, but a woman of inestimable worth!


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