Thursday, July 10, 2008

Rocky Mountain High

Man, it feels good to be writing at altitude! Thanks for all ya'lls prayers, my interview is in a half hour, and I'm camped out across the street from the company's building stealing internet access in a Comfort Discount Suites Express, or something like that. It was here or Starbucks for another hour, so I figured I'd be better off with 20 fewer ounces of caffeine in my system. Yikes.

And now, since an actual guest of this hotel/motel/business traveller's flophouse is nervously pacing the "excercise room" (read: one crappy treadmill and a couple of dumbbells) waiting to do some business on this sweet 2001 compaq presario, I think I'll take my leave. Fingers crossed and deep breaths, here goes nothing!

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  1. Stay loose and alert. Yea or Nay, take the Lord's path with confidence as he guides you. May the Lord give you his peace.


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