Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Living Out Loud

This is a new venture, and a radical one, of course, but one that I believe is long overdue. Some amazing friends of mine have been inspired to make some serious changes in their lives, and I am excited to have front row seats. I'm a little nervous, too, because in all honesty, I think I'm going to have to follow suit, and it isn't going to be easy. Or convenient. But then, that which is truly worthwhile is very rarely convenient. Coincidence? I think not.

But back to the radical venture. It occurred to these friends of mine - an amazing, holy, fun married couple - that perhaps the efforts they were making on behalf of the unborn were in some way lacking. They are both passionately pro-life. They live it and breathe it, they speak the truth of the sanctity of human life to everyone they encounter. But they still shop at Walmart. So... slight disconnect.

Do you see where I'm going with this one? Yep. It's that time, people. Time to put our money where our mouths are and start taking potshots at the culture of death, one bite (or one byte) at a time. It occurred to this couple that perhaps continuing to patronize establishments and brands that are known supporters of Planned Parenthood, NARAL, NOW, etc. might be somewhat problematic, conscience-wise.

So they're going green, so to speak, in a less traditional application of the term. Their respect for life extends to human life as well as animal life, (shocking, I know) so they're open to hugging babies as well as trees. More vitally important even than the preservation of our natural environment, they have identified the American Holocaust as today's hottest cause.

The issue: 4,000 people put to death every day, countless more unaccounted for. The solution? For starters, cutting off the cash flow that is funding terrorism in the womb. Much the way our nation places economic sanctions or embargos on countries or regimes which are in violation of basic human rights, (well, except for China, apparantly, where we're willing to turn a blind eye in the name of sportsmanship) we as consumers have a powerful platform to stand on: our bank accounts.

We might not be able to hold sway at the federal level and knock Roe v. Wade out of existence, (yet) but we can sure as hell refuse to fund Planned Parenthood's agenda of death by taking our business elsewhere, denying our dollars to retailers who donate to this "non-profit" organization.

So these awesome friends of mine are embarking on a radical journey, a quest to track the path their dollars take - from paycheck to purchases - in an effort to avoid ever giving a single cent to organizations that fund abortions. They're starting with known offenders like Walmart, who gives copious amounts to Planned Parenthood each fiscal year. They're working towards a systematic elimination of each product, each brand, step by step until their money and their consciences are clear, and abortion is no longer a viable industry.

In the mean time, and in order to further persuade corporations to put their dollars elsewhere, they'll be taking their business elsewhere, and writing letters to the CEOs and executives of the offending companies to let them know exactly why they won't be buying. They'll also be writing letters to the editor and emails to their friends and families, using word of mouth for all its worth. Because for them, the bumper sticker is no longer enough. The prayer vigils and protests are no longer sufficient. The silence is deafening. So they're speaking up, in a language that corporate America understands.

I'll keep you updated as they begin this adventure, but in the mean time, a few known offenders taken from the 2002 St. Antonius Institute list:

American Express
Ben and Jerry's (I know, read it and weep)

So what kind of sacrifice are you willing to make?


  1. Alas, our tax dollars go to Planned Parenthood as well. Any thought on how to deal with that despicable reality?

  2. Kyle,
    I think you might find the following link encouraging.

    I know that there are a great deal of groups that are politically active about revoking public funding of Planned Parenthood. If you contact your local Prolife group or get involved with Catholic Action I'm sure you can find more direction there. One way that you can do it is to call your state representative and let him or her know that you don't want your money going toward planned parenthood regardless of what it is used for. Often Planned Parenthood is given tax dollars because of the sex education programs that they give to public schools. I hope that's helpful.

    I felt so inspired by the fact that you're really going to avoid Walmart and other such places. I know we all sat around and talked about it and I walked away so very inspired but how quickly I was distracted and forgot all of my new shopping resolutions. I guess I felt that it was impossible to avoid all these places. I just checked out a helpful article,

    Would you believe that Johnson & Johnson is on the blacklist for pro-abortion companies? It's so smart to kill the consumer, right? I think you're right. Activists are only as effective at evoking change as they are active.

    By the way, I called the pro-life doc and he said that he would be able to give our little one the ethical vaccines that are available in the US. MMR is not available here in the states. We're going to make an appointment with him as soon as possible.

    Love you bunches!!!


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