Monday, July 7, 2008


Sorry blogging's been a little light of late, I'm in the midst of one of those strange times of transition, caught mid stride between the last step and the next step. These are the times in life where I throw my hands up in real frustration and demand answers, pleading with God for a little reassurance, but secretly hoping He'll give me more than that. I want nothing less than complete control of the situation. And so I beg Him for control, falling to my knees in prayer and supplication and making all kinds of promises if He'll only grant me this one teeny area of jurisdiction over my own life because, dang it, I've got a plan. And it's a good one.

And I swear He's laughing at me. He's got me right where He wants me, after all, as I tend to devote more time to prayer when I want something from Him. Great relationship, huh?

He doesn't mind too much, though. I get the feeling He's rather used to being patient with me, and I kinda think He thinks it's funny. Which I will confirm upon death once I confront my Lord and Creator and He either greets me with laughter or else a firm backhand for my irreverence. Or perhaps both.

But anecdotal afterlife accounts aside, I really do apologize for my laziness of late. It's just that I'm essentially homeless, without a car, and about to move 1200 miles across the country without a solid job in place. (And for any of my 5 faithful readers who are really paying attention, it's Denver now, not D.C.)

So even though I need writing as an outlet now more than ever, I've been somewhat non-communicado. I'll try harder. Pray for me!


  1. I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors. I know when I got out of college it took me a while to get a job in my field (over a year). Just keep plugging away, sooner or later something will break and you will really appreciate it.

  2. Well when you're homeless, carless, and jobless - that tends to make you unhinged for a while - and sort of in the wrestling mood with God.

    Whenever you write a flippant post you should print and save it and later read it seriously: for they are really the most revealing.

    It's sad, but we often have to cry or puke in order to get our best revelations.

  3. Jenny, make that 6. Great as always to hear from you. 'tis a well in the catholic desert of Arkansas.

    Best of luck,


  4. Grace in the nick of time. That’s what I find I get when I’m wondering how the heck is THIS all going to turn out. Praying the same for you. P.S. See if you can find an adoration chapel in your area for a few quiet moments with the lord.

  5. Keep the virtue of hope, and not the Obama-variety. God bless you.


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