Friday, July 11, 2008

Check Yes or No, Just Be Sure to Hold Your Nose

I return, albeit reluctantly, to the unsavory subject of that looming day of infamy, November 4th, and to the list of names from which the next leader of the free world will be selected.

It doesn't look pretty, folks, and while I've written some strong words on the subject of conscientious objection and using the voting box as a platform for social activism, I'm going to have to recant. Sort of.

You see, I've been studying the holy scriptures -er, excuse me, the written text- of Obama's recent speeches, and I've come to the rather unsettling realization that this man is stark, raving mad... and the majority of our national media have fallen desperately in love with him.

Let's get a few things straight people. He's not the friggin Messiah. A careful revisiting of salvation history makes this clear. So best stop holding your breath as you wait for him to walk on water.

Along those same lines, the man is not a rock star. Case in point, we don't care what kind of underwear you're sporting, Mr. Obama. Please refrain from enlightening the public on these and other delicate matters next time you're hawking yourself on Entertainment Tonight. Damn.

So come November, I'll plug my nose and check "McCain," selling out all my strongly held beliefs in an attempt to save the US from the Obamination of socialism. And I'm not happy about it, but it beats the alternative. More on this later, I have a pedicure appointment.


  1. you GO girl!

    My hubby and I watched an Obama ad last night on television, the first one we have seen (we never watch live tv, we are addicted to our DVR and skip trough ALL commercials). We were outrageously impressed with the quality of the ad. And therefore scared. Very scared.

    There are enough people in this world who are seduced by "hope and change" and won't look any farther. And since there is no test to take before you can vote, I think we are in for a bit of a war.

  2. Since when does a candidate for presidency need to advertise his underwear? GROSS! GROSS! GROSS! Ugh! Ya know, it usually takes a lot to get me weirded out but I think that, my friend, crossed the line for me. He already gives me the creepies. Now that cartoon image of him in my mind has him smiling that fox-like deceptive smile of his with his chin in the air and eyes to the sky while posing, with dead baby in one hand, for an underwear ad. Maybe it's too descriptive for you but it's the way I think about the bad guys.

    Dare I put my name on this rashly written reaction?

  3. Absolutely voting for the pissed off POW, only because the other guy scares the crap out of me, and hoping that the thinking folks of this country understand that they must get out and vote rather than buy into the crown the media has already placed on Captain Underpants and assume that the race is already won by the creepy commie. This election EVERY CONSERTAVITE VOTE COUNTS.

  4. I don’t plan to vote for either candidate. I'm not undecided; I've decided against both. Each candidate advocates certain grave evils that while I may be justified in materially cooperating with their rise to power, I don’t want to participate, even remotely, in some of the particular evils these men defend. But that's just me.

  5. Good for you!

    And I keep meaning to comment that you're doing a great job blogging. Keep up the good work!


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