Monday, April 28, 2008

The following is in response to comments made by reader "E", who posted some interesting and insightful feedback in response to this recent post addressing the alleged health benefits of masturbation. My response is as follows:

The post on which you comment is heavily tongue in cheek, in an effort to highlight the ridiculous and outrageous nature of the lies my generation has been fed.

This blog is an effort to stimulate discussion, an invitation to go deeper and to see more clearly the evil which underlies our fundamental and collective cultural misunderstanding and misapplication of human sexuality.

Obviously I don't believe my readers are idiots, which is why I take such offense to that very assumption, made ad nauseum by our secular media, advertisers, "health educators", etc, in an effort to further their agendas and increase their bottom lines. It's shameless, it's devious, and it's deeply, deeply pre-meditated.

The fact is, people have been fed a steady diet of crap, and once you see the effect it really has on a person, on individual souls broken and dying for a taste of truth... once you see that, anger is the natural response. Injustice and evil should make you angry.

Really, really angry. Not just mildly irritated and not even magnificently annoyed, but really, truly angry, filled with that same energy that turned the tables in the temple.

You are correct in your observation that bitterness, vitriol, and cynicism have no place in true love. How I wish that the world could see this! My hope is that people will read post like these and it will rouse them from complacency, planting seeds of doubt and discontent concerning our present moral climate.

The real question is, what are you going to do with this anger, righteous though it may be, when you find it aroused in yourself? I pray that people come away from these reflections and are disturbed... disturbed to the point of action.

So I stand by the scathing bitterness of this post. I pray that anyone who reads would be both incensed and inspired. And I pray that they'll step away from the choir loft once in a while and find a voice outside of the kind rhetoric we hear too often on Sunday's. And I do hope they'll take the time to read more than the most recent post, acquiring a broader understanding of the message I'm sending. Thanks for your feedback, it was convicting and challenging.

Be angry, sin not. Ephesians 4:26

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  1. Sorry for taking so long to reply; I've been terribly busy lately. Thanks for replying to my comment! You're a talented writer and you have a command of the language; I appreciate the thoughtful reply.

    If your intent is to rouse people who believe what you believe into action, then I can understand how bitterness and vitriol would be effective tools. However, they may not be the best tools, and I just hope this is not the message you intend for those who perpetrate the evils that inflict our society. I do not think there is any solution to the problems that inflict secular culture, particularly those of sexuality, that involves deviation from the ideal of love.

    Consider. The Church's teachings about sexuality are perceived by the world as teachings of negativity - you can't contracept, you can't masturbate, you can't have sex before marriage. You and I and millions of others know that following these teachings leads to happiness, as there is no true peace down any of the other paths. However, how can we show this if our faces and words are stained with anger and rage? Wouldn't that merely confirm what many mistake to be true - that the Church seeks to oppress?

    I know a few married couples who fully live the Church's teachings with regard to sexuality. It is the smiles on their faces, the way they gaze at their children with awe, the warmth in their attitude and demeanor that shows me that the Church's teachings must be somehow linked to this sort of inner joy they radiate. They speak of their love in terms of love, not in terms of their hatred of things that are not love.

    If I didn't already believe in the Church's teachings, it'd be that behavior that would convince me to give it a serious look.

    "Darkness can only be scattered by light, hatred can only be conquered by love." - JPII


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