Friday, April 11, 2008

Far-Seeing Fridays

In an effort to save myself from an early, stress-induced grave, (and to show my readers that I'm not a hardened cynic at the tender age of 25) I've decided to introduce a new and hopefully recurrent feature to The Great Deception, where once a week on Fridays I'll focus on something positive, bringing a glimmer of hope to the grim caricature I've painted of our dying culture. So here goes nothing...

Chivalrous virtue. It's coming back in a big way, particularly on my campus. I have had the singular privilege of attending one of the great Catholic universities of our time, and the intellectual and spiritual formation that our students receive is second to none. For all the good-natured self deprecation that goes on around here, this place really is unlike any other; a bastion of cultural revival and a return to forgotten virtue that is nothing short of inspirational.

The men with whom I am privileged to interact on a daily basis are a particularly inspiring breed. I say men, because although many are still boys, physically and emotionally, nearly all of them are striving valiantly to live a sacrificial life in pursuit of sacramental holiness... and it's beautiful.

These are, for the most part, normal looking college-aged guys. Flip flops, shaggy hair, beer in hand... but gosh darn it if the other hand isn't reaching out to open the door for me on my way into the student center. Or the chapel, where 800+ students attend daily Mass (read: non-obligatory) and most spend at least a few minutes every day in prayer.

Which is so hot. I mean, men who are faithful, confident, athletically-inclined, masculine and... prayerful? It's too good to be true. Except that it is true. And now that I've met them, I'll never be satisfied with the child-men the world would ask me to settle for.

Ladies, these guys are out there. And they're warriors, fighting against a prevailing tide of temptation and derision that meets them at every turn. Thank God for these men who are living lives inspired by Christ's example, and pray for their continued strength and perseverance.

Yes, you are perfectly capable of getting that door for yourself. And yes, you are used to eyes wandering south during a mixed-gender conversation. But here's the thing, men will rise to the challenge set before them. History has proven this time and again. And every man you encounter has this innate potential in his soul. Call it out. Pray for your brothers, your husbands, your sons...

And when someone gets the door for you, thank him, and thank God for the beautiful gift of a man with the desire to serve. After all, it was His idea to begin with.


  1. Friday was good with Battlestar it's even better.

  2. Great post, Jenny!! I like "far-seeing Fridays" already!
    More, more!! : )

  3. Wow! Men with nanners. They DO exist! LOL!


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