Sunday, March 30, 2008

The World's Worst Drinking Song

I'm reading a fascinating and chilling autobiographical work by a former abortionist, famed for his foundational support of N.A.R.A.L. (National Association for Repeal of Abortion Laws) and his subsequent conversion to a pro life worldview. This man, a self-proclaimed agnostic secular Jew, firmly disavows organized religion early in his book; his reasoning and his conviction are completely independent of religious thought. The following excerpt is from Chapter 3, a "drinking song" chanted by the author and his gynecologic intern classmates after long hours on shift. They would meet at a local dive for 15 cent drafts (dang!) and raise their glasses and voices in the following song:

Oh there's a fortune... in abortion
Just a twist of the wrist and you're through.
The population... of the nation
Won't grow if it's left up to you.
In the daytime... in the nighttime
There is always some work to undo.
Oh there's a fortune... in abortion
But you'll wind up in the pen before you're through

Now there's a gold mine... in the sex line
And it's so easy to do.
Not only rabbits... have those habits
So why worry 'bout typhoid and flu?
You'll never bother... the future father
And there are so many of them, too.
Oh there's a fortune... in abortion
But you'll wind up in the pen before you're through.

The book, I suspect, is out of print, but is absolutely riveting:
Aborting America: A Case Against Abortion
Bernard N. Nathanson, M.D. with Richard N. Ostling


  1. So how does the guy become pro life?

  2. I don't know yet! I'm 6 chapters in, and I hope he tells me soon, because I'm dying to know. (Pun intended) I'll dedicate another post to it when I get to the bottom of it.


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