Thursday, March 6, 2008

Well if it Feels Good...

Check out Phatcatholic's treatment of masturbation and his refutation of the modern defense of the normalcy of this behavior, which is so frequently extolled and even prescribed by today's leading "experts."

This is solid stuff... More young people, men in particular, need to be confronted with the hard truth on issues of sexuality. Enough of the fluffy crap extolling the virtues of normalcy and popular opinion... truly chaste love is possible only when wed to an authentic possession of self. Possession of self = the ability to offer a gift of self.

This has nothing to do with repression. What is stifling and repressing is the modern misconception that every sexual impulse is intrinsically good in and of itself, and that every hint of desire, every inclination in that direction, must reign sovereign over our free will... what kind of freedom are we promoting here? I am not free when I am enslaved to my appetites, and I am not truly loving someone when I do so out of a biological sexual impulse akin to something one might feel for chocolate at times.

Sexual desire is a natural good, but it is not an end in itself! I was not created as a sexual being in order to enjoy sex divorced from the profound dignity and the mystery of the other to whom my desires direct me... that's akin to saying apples were created in response to hunger, and have no intrinsic worth in their own right. A poor example, but a tangible illustration. You (the other, whether in the magazine spread, in my mind's eye, or in my bed) exist to satisfy my desires, and I will use you in order to do so. Thanks so much.

Yeah, that sounds like freedom.

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