Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Ruffling Feathers

So in light of recent reports on the toxicity of our nation's sewers - excuse me, potable water sources - I wanted to repost an expose of sorts from a few months back, inspired by a mind expanding article by Wayne Laugeson, originally printed in the National Catholic Register. Using a sophisticated Google search, or some equally lofty technological innovation, I think one of the gentlemen quoted in the article found his way to my humble site, and if you check out the comments, it would seem he was none too pleased with my analysis...


  1. Congratulations to you and NCR for first exposing this material. (I was not following you back then and had missed your original post).

    But of late I have seen this all over the media including the main article on the front page of my local newspaper. The subject of contraceptives and hormones are downplayed and much more is made of other medications used to treat chronic diseases.

    The contradictions are astounding. I can think of some of the possible solutions...perhaps restricting the freedom to pee where one wants to...

  2. ...or we might only allow people to urinate with a license. Or even, obtain a prescription antidote from a major pharmaceutical firm (for a hefty fee of course) to mix with our human waste.


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