Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Lying Through our Sheets

"You need to be... truthful. Whatever your truth is, you need to be faithful to that truth. It's better to have a happy relationship where you're honest with each other than a monogamous one where you're unhappy."~ Dr. Belisa Vranich, political psychologist on Fox's "Cavuto"

Relativism sucks. And we suck at it. A cursory examination of the above statement is sufficient to demonstrate to even the most ill-formed mind the sheer idiocy and contradiction inherent in a relativistic moral outlook.

Let's break it down, the "expert" is saying:

1. You need to be truthful, however,

2. happiness trumps fidelity, but you must

3. be faithful to "your truth," even though

4. fidelity is impossible, so honesty will have to suffice.

I would argue:

1. Truth cannot be purely subjective. Otherwise, we're dealing with opinion or preference.

2. Happiness is always relative unless it is measured against an objective standard. Even then, free will facilitates differing interpretation of happiness. Happiness, in its subjectivity, cannot function as an objective absolute.

3. Fidelity requires adherence to objective truth. Fidelity to subjective or relative opinions or preferences is better defined as "habit."

4. Human beings posses inherent and objective worth. Fidelity is therefore not only possible, but most fitting.

5. Our society is crumbling.

There is a snarky-ness to the media of late that is more pronounced than usual, more palpable. In wake of former Gov. Spitzer's fall from grace, the coverage on every major network has been relentless, leaving our collective ears ringing with the opinions of "experts" and "specialists" on matters of morality and sexual ethics. Are humans "biologically predisposed to infidelity?" Have we, as a society, unconsciously persisted in the perpetuation of a collective myth surrounding marriage that hearkens to our Puritanical roots? Can I get your number?

One thing is clear, although methinks Jim Cavuto doth protest too much, media figures and celebs are leading the charge to abolish and redefine "marriage," "romance," and "love" to something trendier and trashier, more accessible to the MTV generation. Because only in the normalization of perversity (see Freud's ironic quote from yesterday's post) can the perverse find refuge. It's imperative, then, for those who seek to redefine reality to get other people on board, because there's a reassuring strength in numbers.

That's the reason why laissez-faire morality can't - and doesn't - work. People feel a deep need to justify their bad behavior, even if they deny the very existence of "badness" (or goodness, for that matter.) That's why our TVs insist on informing us that the archaic notions of fidelity and love are DOA, and invite us -nay, incite us- to open wide the doors to change and tolerance and progressive acceptance of anything and everything except for the truth.

Because we are enslaved to our passions. We are in bondage to our bodily functions, and so blind to it that few even desire freedom. Therefore we eschew the truth, embracing comfortable complacency and rejecting even the possibility of freedom. Rationalization is our rallying cry, and we march onward arm in arm, patting each other's back's with the reassurance that "every one's doing it" and "it's completely natural."

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  1. "It's imperative, then, for those who seek to redefine reality to get other people on board, because there's a reassuring strength in numbers."

    The above is the empty corollary of living the Gospel in community. It's the 'fraternal life' without Truth. We are called to build a more fraternal and evangelical world to herald the Truth. We need to go at it together (not alone) and in Truth and Love (not lies and selfishness).


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