Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Excuse Me, You Signed Up for This

Parents, hear my plea: what your children learn about sexuality needs to come from you, because what they're getting in the classroom and on the playground, it ain't cutting it.

Recently the California State Board of Education adopted a new policy regarding sex ed in their public school system:

"...fifth graders will learn about sexually transmitted diseases; middle school kids will learn about the physical and mental anguish of sexual assaults; high school teens will learn about the morning-after pill and condoms."

Planned Parenthood's Vince Hall likes the new curriculum's holistic approach, "It focuses not just on sexuality as a single item but it discusses healthy relationships, it discusses dealing with alcohol and drug abuse, and it talks about the ways all of those different challenges for our young people are interconnected."

Okay, so now sexual assault is a "different challenge" our young people are facing? What. the. hell... Does no one see how sinister the darkening path of rationalism down which we travel truly is? Normalizing these behaviors, be it premature sexual activity in pre-teens, sexual assault on the playground and in the halls of middle schools, or chemical abortions for promiscuous highschoolers, sends one message and one message only to our kids: Well if you're gonna do it anyway, at least be safe about it.

Except here's the thing, safe sex is a big, fat oxymoron. And it's killing our kids to hear otherwise from the big, fat, moronic adults in their lives. We do them no favors by condemning them to a life of lessons learned "the hard way" or "by necessary experience."

If this is an acceptable and even applaudable parenting style, well then, desiring the very best for my eventual children, I intend to encourage my toddler to eat that and put her finger there and jump off of that, because the last thing I want to do is repress her by my authoritarian suppositions to know and to desire her greatest good.

That being said, if she does want to stick her finger in that electrical socket, well, then as long as she slips on a pair of protective class O electrical gloves first. Not just occasionally, but each and every time she puts her finger in the socket. After all, that's the only way to make absolutely certain she won't get hurt.

Unless, of course, I were to presume to make a judgement on her behavior, deem it unsafe and unacceptable, and dissuade her by any means available to me as her parent from engaging in said unacceptable behavior. Because I am her parent. And because I love her. And because as long as I live, I (along with her father) have been singularly entrusted with her care and upbringing by our mutual Creator, who is probably keeping tabs on the job I'm doing.

And like any other job, parenting has its ups and downs, its days of glory and its nights of terror and tribulation. But unlike any other job, in parenting the worst case scenario does not involve a pink slip, but a death sentence, an immortal soul in peril.

I speak to my future self as much as to any parents who read these words, but your children depend on you for their lives for 9 months before birth, and for the rest of their time on earth following. Don't let them down by buying into the "experience-based," relativistic-anything-goes mentality that our culture exalts... if you know the truth, for God's sake, and for your children's, speak it.


  1. Might be time for another 'Proposition ABC' regarding the state of the educational system on the pacific coast of America. Ah, but you know what I think of relying on political solutions.

    And to think they want to shut down the homeschoolers who aren't certified. Well, the officials of CA's public schools are 'certified' alright...'certified idiots' that is. Sadly, I'm only 3000 miles away.

  2. Seriously, is this the best we can produce from our Teachers and Educators Colleges? We should consider 'outsourcing' education to another nation...Japan perhaps. That would be the American way.

  3. Jenny: Again. You must find a way to speak to the largest possible audience that you can find, and that our Lord will allow. Radio, books, mag articles talk shows whatever. Contact EWTN, Ave Maria Radio, do a lecture circuit. Make it happen (God willing of course).

  4. Anne Marie,
    I appreciate your feedback more than you can imagine. I'm praying God will open some doors and make His will clear, cause I'm definately feeling that push too. Pray for me, and thank you.

  5. The Lord has clearly given you a gift of laser sharp discernment and the ability to articulate the issues. The message is one not only for Catholics but for the culture at large.

    The gift you have been given is the difference between say someone like me who may look at a situation and say, “what a crock”, and you who are able to define the crock in question and describe in an easily understood way why it is a crock and further outline the steps required to correct the situation. You are able to drill down to the essence of the matter in a way similar to Janet Smith’s “Contraception Why Not” so clearly articulates the Church’s position on ABC.

    Submit articles if that how it’s done, but get published, then on to This Rock, or Abundant Life on EWTN, radio talk shows, then on to secular media. You’ve been given a gift and the world needs to hear what the Lord is showing you.

    Make sure you have a network praying for you constantly, including religious or some others who are in perpetual adoration, because Satan is not going to take kindly to you and will attack. Not fun, but it goes with the territory.

    I hope I get to meet you one day if one day you are speaking at a conference or a parish near me. I’ll ask for an autographed copy of the book!

  6. I say 'Here Here' to the above comment...and will volunteer to be one of your prayer warriors.

    On an aside, if you would like a Good Friday meditation try my latest post...Good Friday Reflection Through Music.

    Peace and all good. Happy and Blessed Easter.


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