Monday, February 18, 2008

Insisting on Ignorance

Though there have been few, excuse me, no instances of scientific advancement derivative of embryonic stem cell research, privately funded labs continue pouring money and man hours into the creation and subsequent destruction of tiny people, bred for parts with the hope of improving the quality of life of other, larger people.

Doesn't make a whole lot of sense, nor even a whole lot of dollars and cents, but the madness continues, in spite of the great success that research on adult stem cells has yielded.

Adult stem cells, once extracted from the bone marrow of an individual, can be induced and essentially "reprogrammed" to mimic other cells in the body. For example, a recent procedure introduced adult stem cells into the cardiac tissue of a 48 year old woman suffering congenital heart failure. Her heart began to rebuild itself, transforming the versatile stem cells into heart cells, and with no chance of rejection by her body, since the cells used were her own.

Eighteen months later she is healthy and no longer on a waiting list for a new heart. This is just one example, but you won't hear about it in the secular media, because hey, there's an agenda behind the push for embryonic stem cell research that has little to do with healing people and everything to do with eugenics and "gene therapy."

There are researchers out there who are working diligently to procure treatments for Alzheimer's, Multiple Sclerosis, Lou Gehrig’s disease... but there are many others who are pushing the envelope for far less noble reasons, banking on the growing public support for the "necessary evil" of embryonic stem cell research to advance their foray into the brave new world of genetic manipulation. Anyone out there seen Gattaca?

Check out this article, do some research, and ask yourselves what the real agendas behind the issues might be...


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  2. Hey Pretty!! After talking to you on Sunday, I'm finally responding to your blog after a long time of silent loyalty.

    I'm glad that you brought this issue to light. It is the sick sad truth. I recall an event where I had a lengthy chat with embryonic stem-cell researchers (fresh out of college with egos too hot to trot) about this very subject. Aside from insisting that I knew nothing (because they know EVERYTHING), they insisted on the "benefit" that embryonic stem cell research could bring over that of adult stem cell research. That "benefit" being for the purpose of genetically eliminating terrible diseases such as Alzheimers and the like. I mention this to affirm you in your belief that there is something much darker going on here than a hunt for a cure. I feel like a conspiracy theorist even mentioning it but honestly, the intentions of these researchers is to perfect our genetic "deficiencies" under the guise of finding a cure. Embyonic stem cell research and human cloning go hand in hand. It's no small thing that Minnesota legalized tax-funded human cloning.


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