Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Attraction of Evil

Barack Obama is a cool guy, a stud, the class president who is polite and talented, possessing the uncanny knack to charm mothers and daughters alike. He's a smooth talker, gifted with an inborn political savvy that makes our current Commander in Chief sound even more, well, Texan than he already does. (Don't get me wrong, if Texas secedes I'd go with them in a heartbeat)

But this Obama, he's cool. The kind of cool that makes you check your hair and makeup in the rear view mirror before stepping out of the car, the kind of cool that flusters even hardened news anchors and pundits alike, the kind of cool that sits back and nods in approval and recognition during a satirical roast of his mannerisms and idiosyncrasies.

In other words, he's cool enough to make me forget, even momentarily, where he stands on certain issues, what his true values consist of, and the chilling plans he has for a nation where the universal health care plan would offer abortions on demand on my tax dollar.

His idealism is infectious, and his youth and enthusiasm intoxicate the crowds. I mean, women faint in his presence, so arresting is his charisma. And all over the repetition of a mantra that demands change, promises hope, and offers no tangible examples of either. Okay, he'll pull the troops out of Iraq? Great, than what? And universal health care? Need we do more than look to our northern neighbors to see just how effective socialized medical care has been. I mean yeah, times are tough, but let's not kid ourselves, where else in the world can an injured person stroll into an ER and be guaranteed treatment, regardless of their religion, race, color, creed, or health insurance status?

What I can't figure out about Obama is how he does it, manages to be so damn charming and speak with such deep conviction about, well, nothing? His message is fluff, and what I do know about the guy scares the hell out of me. His voting record in the Illinois state senate is appalling; what kind of a man opposes a piece of legislation titled the Born Alive Infants Protection Act? This is a whole other kind of crazy we're dealing with here, and while his fan base continues to grow, gyrating in gleeful anticipation of the next sound byte to issue forth from his lips, I'm wondering how we got here.

Here, as in the 21st century, where people make the big, important decisions with their hearts, and would follow their feelings straight to hell if they led them there. Here, where convenience rules over common sense, and we fall prostrate at the altar of comfort, trading pleasant satiation for lasting joy, turning our backs on any notion of suffering or sacrifice. To the gods of Success and Happiness and Long Term Goals we offer up oblations of starter marriages, unborn children, and inconvenient family members.

Released from the bondage of moral obligation, we're free at last to disregard the nagging puritanical vestiges of natural law that have poisoned society and long restricted our advancement as a species. After all, we're Americans, and we're all about our freedom. I should caution, however, that the license we enjoy, divorced from moral absolutes, can only and always be understood as a freedom from, and not a freedom for.

We haven't come quite that far yet.


  1. For a guy who has deep conviction about nothing, he sure has a lot of details about his beliefs on his website. Granted, his convictions on many issues are not mine, but I think he has principles he believes in, so to speak.

    Obama explains with some precision his various votes, particularly regarding abortion. He's pretty absolute about a woman's "right to choose." One hopes that one change he brings is a change of his mind on the abortion issue. Not holding my breath, but with God anything's possible.

    BTW, the ER is not equipped to respond to every need an injured or sick person may have. People are forces into backruptsy due to medical bills, and thousands of people die each year in America from lack of health coverage. These realities don't mean that socialized healthcare is the way to go, but we nevertheless have a social responsibility to remedy this problem.

  2. Wow. This was an amazing post. Keep up the good work. I will add a link to your blog in my sidebar. I also plan on highlighting this post.

    Pax Christi,

  3. Well said. You did well to articulate something that I have felt with regard to Obama. His charism is practically supernatural in character. He has so stealthily managed to avert the attention of Americans to focus on "change" and "hope" to such a degree that their inspiration blinds them to his deprived moral character.

    That being the case, I think that you were right to say that what he's offering is absolutely nothing, it's sensational nothingness!

    Obama has one thing right and that is his choice of the word "change" rather than growth. If all being has it's source in God and we "change" the direction of our orientation...what are we changing too and for?

    Man has the free decision to "change" or disjoint his orientation from God to himself. Thus, Man disjoints himself from all that is harmonious: true, good, and beautiful or rather alive, fruitful, and growing. He becomes an end-point in himself and therein finds his death, destruction, and despair.

    Ulimately the moral direction that Obama hopes to take in order to bring about hope is like taking the short-cut to a despairing halt...
    You just can't promote the growth of society if the basic moral principles surrounding your desire for growth are founded upon a murderous disregard for the dignity of the human person.
    (Woohpacha!! I'd like to see Obama respond to that.)
    luv u pretty! NC


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