Monday, January 28, 2008

A Theory on Relativity

I heard a radio interview given over the weekend on the topic of abortion, a hot-button issue of late. The argument for wanted vs. unwanted pregnancies was being explained and refuted by a very well-spoken evangelical pastor who was attempting to explain, in light of natural law, the ludicrous hypocrisy of the argument that a fetus is only a fetus until somebody (mom) desires that it be more than that, at which point "fetus" becomes "unborn baby".

Let's think about this. My subjective desire for your existence determines said existence. If I want you, you will be, if I do not, then you will not.

This is the height of selfishness and the absolute pinnacle of utilitarian idiocy, a metaphysical disaster, the consequences of which are wreaking havoc on society even as I type... Imagine the fallout from such self-centeredness. The next thing you know, we're going to be doing away with all kinds of outdated notions concerning suffering and sacrifice, because after all, it's all about immediate gratification of my needs and desires, right?

I wonder what kind of effect this new mentality will have on ethics, with the worth of the human person now contingent upon someone else's desire for their continued existence... Thank God (or whoever) there's always someone who wants each and every one of us, right? Because otherwise, what right do we have to exist? Especially when we become inconvenient. Overly needy. Non-productive. Dead weight.

But this is an alarmist assumption to which I leap. Surely our society's all-encompassing embrace of reproductive "convenience" has no effect on our philosophy of the human person as a whole. We're doing all right, it would seem. I mean, it's not like we're seeing rising numbers of child abuse or rape victims, larger domestic violence issues, or problems with violence in other areas of society. It's not as if people, having so little regard for the dignity of their own life, their own bodies, have become blind to the dignity inherent in every fellow human they encounter...

Don't see the connection? Well, we'll wait and see. It could be that there's no connection, that's it's just a blob of tissue until I say otherwise, that you in fact, do not exist until I desire your existence, and even then, you sure as hell better stay in my good graces, because one false move and you're done for.

Am I being harsh? You bet. Is this becoming reality? Fraid so. Pretty inconvenient, huh?

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  1. Just in case this theory of relativity takes off...let it be known that I for one am happy that you exist.


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