Wednesday, December 12, 2007


A couple of head-scratchers guaranteed to raise your bloodpressure and your cultural awareness

"OCs(Oral Contraceptives) have no overall effect on breast cancer; however several studies have indicated that long-term use (5 or more years) in young women increases their risk of breast cancer. Data from the WHO (World Health Organization) study of steroid contraceptives and breast neoplasia reported that 5 years of use in women under 25 years of age was associated with a 50% higher risk of breast cancer than in nonusers."

I'm sorry, does anyone else notice the contradictory nature of the statement, "OCs have no overall effect on breast cancer; however several studies have indicated that long-term use in young women increases their risk of breast cancer..."? Wait, it gets better:

"There is no consensus yet on the risk of OCs on cervical cancer, although several studies which control for other potential causes of this cancer indicate that there may be approximately a 50%-100% increased risk in women who use OCs for 5 years or more."

Okay, but there's no consensus on the risk... in other words, something bad is happening , but we're not quite sure why. Well actually we know why, but we're not prepared to make that admission as we have yet to reach consensus on the causality.

And finally

"An OC user may have two to four times the risk of a cardiovascular event* compared to a non-user. " ("cardiovascular event" = stroke or heart attack)

Not to worry, folks, because all these risk factors, though they may contribute to increased threat of deadly illness, are far outweighed by the benefits of oral contraceptives, the miracle pills that prevent the most deadly condition know to woman kind. You ready?

Pregnancy-related mortality

"In all cases with the exception of Western countries, mortality from pregnancy (estimated in simulations based on non-contraceptors with no access to induced abortion) is much higher than death from any of these diseases."

At long last we have a solution for this ancient evil which has plagued humanity, this detestable and shocking inconvenience resultant from sexual activity! Whew, finally a solution to what it means to be a woman; a fundamental alteration of our biological makeup which frees us from the horrors of unplanned procreation, stretchmarks, labor pains and all. Thank God (or whomever) for the freedom this will afford future generations of women to come...

Oh, wait... what future?

(statistics obtained from Family Health International :


  1. "In all cases EXCEPT WESTERN COUNTRIES"... Just who is using this OC if not women in the West???

  2. If i run into anyone from familyhealthinternational on the street, they are getting tripple headbutted.


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