Monday, October 29, 2007

Time After Time

"Jesus stands at the center of human history... and all of salvation back through the Old Testament and forward to the end of time... reverberates with the echo of the Logos, the eternal Word of God spoken in total fruitfulness in the person of Christ..."
~ Dr. Brant Pitre extrapolating from Dr. Chris Baglow's "Reverse Echo Theory" on time.

Awesome, right? This little gem was unveiled and polished in an illuminating conversation during an early morning airport run this weekend, and was the answer to an unspoken prayer I'd cast towards Heaven numerous times during a frantic (and successful!) weekend of coordinating logistics and lugging boxes. I was hoping but not expecting too benefit from the phenomenal caliber of speakers and content of this past weekend's conference. I knew I'd be to busy to listen to the presentations, and I guess He must have known too, so He cleverly arranged a private audience for me. I'm utterly and ridiculously spoiled by my Father, but I've always been a Daddy's girl...

God is so good in meeting our every need; no matter what the circumstance, when we avail ourselves of His mercy, He's there. Every time.

The cool thing is, He's got everything figured out already. And we have only to trust and work and pray and commit our entire way of being to the singular pursuit of His perfect will. Then (and only then) we will be content.

Yep, that's all...


  1. Amen! What a wonderful testimony of what a loving Father we have!!

  2. I liked the stress on the transcendence of God in the one talk; it makes His imminence so much more exciting! Excellent.


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